Vintage Vibes

Cedar Lakes Estate, Port Jervis, NY


photos by Heather Waraksa

video by Sharkpig

So many beautiful, personal details for Jackie and Wolfram's intimate destination wedding in Hudson Valley. With their campy vintage vibe, Cedar Lakes was the perfect venue! Their three day Labor Day Weekend celebration included custom heraldry, a temporary tattoo station, an outdoor movie night featuring Friday the 13th, a pink vintage ice cream truck and a well-wishes quilting station. For their retro rockabilly rehearsal dinner, they created their own eclectic playlist and Jackie wore the most fabulous victory rolls!

As they celebrated, some of their favorite memories came from "watching the reactions of our friends and family throughout the weekend as the different events were revealed and they spotted all the little pieces of each of us incorporated," says the couple. "We really wanted everyone to have a good time, and it was just so special to see that happening."