Engaged over the holidays

So you’re engaged.  Congratulations.  After the dust settles on your Instagram and Facebook accounts, get ready to start fielding questions about who’s on the guest list, where you’re getting married and when. As you begin to plan, a few things to keep in mind:

1. As Steve Jobs so eloquently put it, “Don’t let the opinions of others drown out your own inner voice.”   Friends and family will have lots of advice and opinions.  Don’t allow your wedding to become hijacked by someone else s vision. That includes your future mother in law, best friend, boss, event planner or any vendor for that matter.  Hire people based on their expertise and ability to listen to your ideas. Then listen, learn, weigh your options and form your own opinions.

2. ” You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you just might find you get what you need.”   With the uncertainty of the pandemic these days, flexibility is key.  Planning your wedding in 2021 might mean reducing your guest count or selecting an outdoor venue when you had your heart set on an indoor venue already.  Be open to alternate dates, venues and even days of the week that you may not have previously considered.

3. “That which yields is not always weak”  There’s going to come a time during the planning process when you’ll need to make a compromise or even give in to keep the peace.  How you work together and communicate now will determine how you will work together in your marriage.

4. “Step away from the Pin board”  It’s easy (and tempting) to spend all your free time trolling Pinterest and every random wedding blog, searching for ideas. But spend too much time down the rabbit hole and you could lose your way.  Make enough of a selection to communicate your basic vision, and then allow yourself the luxury to evolve the design into something that is uniquely yours.  No one should be able to step into someone else’s wedding, and you don’t want anyone else stepping into yours.

5. “It’s so much more than just one day.  Cherish the journey.”  Planning a wedding is a journey of self discovery.  Enjoy the ride.  And when it’s over (in a blink), you’ve got the rest of your lives to look forward to.  So keep it in perspective.



I can't wait to marry you